5 Best Hair Care Tips Revealed by Celebrity Hair Care Expert

Hair care Secrets: From the red carpet to catching the red-eye, you’ll rarely ever spot Bollywood’s best with a hair out of place. The credit, of course, goes to the hardworking hands of celebrity hairstylists who work behind the scenes to ensure that your favorites names look paparazzi-ready at all times, regardless of hectic schedules or humidity. Over the years, they’ve had first access to insider-only hairstyling Intel while developing hacks of their own as well.

We looked back at all the celebrity hairstylists who have chatted with Vogue and sifted through our conversations for their best learning. If you are looking for the life, worries about hair care and wants best hair care, here are the most effective tips, tricks and techniques we’ve heard from the best in the biz. Best Products for skin care

Over-washing won’t do your hair care any favors:

For best hair care avoid over washing your hair. While many of us find it difficult to stick to a consistent hair care routine, hyper diligence won’t bode well for your strands either. Celebrity-favorites Daniel Bauer says, “Many people like to wash their hair every day so that they feel it’s clean, shiny and healthy. However, this strips the hair of the sebum layer, leaving hair raw and prone to tangles and frizz.” As a rule of thumb, it is ideal to wash the hair at least twice a week to get rid of buildup on the scalp.

Heated hairstyling tools can spell doom for damp hair

On busy mornings, it might seem tempting to quickly run a blow-dryer over your hair before you’re out of the shower room, but heated implements can be your hair’s worst enemy. Bauer confirms, “Heat styling damp hair is a guaranteed disaster. You are essentially boiling your hair, when the heat hits the water in your hair it boils it’s creating steam. This kills your hair; there is no recovery.”

How to detect hair damage:

From pollution to excessive hairstyling tools, our tresses are exposed to an alarming amount of aggressors that can rob your hair of its health and vitality. However, detection is the first step to recovery and celebrity hairstylist Amit Thakur has a handy hack to diagnose hair damage and about hair care.

“If the ends of your hair stay stiff and straight and are different from the hair closest to the roots, it’s likely due to heat damage,” he cautions. Needless to say, an effective heat protection serum is your hair’s best defense against heated tools.

He adds, “Most people use higher temperatures on the tools when the same results can be achieved with a much lower heat setting.” After correctly gauging how much heat your hair needs, opt for a heat protecting product that can physically shield your strands with a protective barrier made of water-soluble silicone.so if you really want hair care protect your strands from high heat gadgets. Frizzy Hair Solutions – 10 Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Sea salt can be your savior:

When Kareena Kapoor Khan’s go-to hairstylist speaks, we listen. The one product that Yianni Tsapatori loves using for a red-carpet-ready finish? A sea salt spray. He says, “It’s on Karenna’s  hair 99 per cent of the time that I style it. It doesn’t weigh the hair down, which is important for thinner strands. A hair care that It saved us many times when we had literally no time and had to rush to get her out the door.”

Wondering how to make the most of a sea salt spray in your hectic schedule in the AM? Just follow his easy guide: “All I have to do is spray it on dry hair, roughly curl random pieces, and then shake it out and go,” he explains.

Stop before you shop…

…and invest some time in research to know if your purchases will work for your hair type and needs especially when you worried about your hair care. Despite being a hair tool and product junkie, Tsapatori likes to do his due diligence before making a purchase. He shares his checklist with Vogue: “Is it friendly to the hair—not too heavy, doesn’t cause damage and offers some sort of protection? Is it efficient, easy to work with and will give me the results I want? Is it as eco-friendly as possible?”

High price points do not equal high performance

Modern-day marketing might have you convinced for your hair care that higher price points translate into higher product performance, but Tsapatori would like to dispel the myth. “I’ve used products I bought at the pharmacy or supermarket and they worked perfectly well and also used very expensive ones that didn’t do exactly what I thought they would,” he says. Instead of being guided by price points, he advises doing your homework beforehand.

“When I’m buying something online, I’ll definitely take the reviews under consideration or ask a couple of my hairstylist friends if they’ve used the product. It is better when coming from people I know,” he adds.

Hot water can turn into a hot mess

If there’s one cardinal rule that all hairstylists swear by, it is dialing back the temperature of your shower when washing hair. Priyanka Borkar, the name trusted by Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and more, cautions, “Avoid using hot water on hair. Even if you are shampooing with warm water, rinse off your conditioner with cool water, as it seals the cuticle and gives extra shine.” To cover all bases and keep heat-related damage at bay, she also recommends opting for products with SPF and heat protectors in your hair care arsenal.

Get rid of the grease

Nobody likes having their hair coated with a layer of grease when they touch their hair, but the culprit could be closer home than you think. “Keeping your hair open and touching it often will make your hair more greasy. Switch to braids, messy pods and ponytails on days when you want to hide your greasiness. This way you are working with the grease, which makes it easier to hold pods, and it looks neat,” advises Borkar.

Oiling isn’t everything for hair care:

Applying oil on your strands might seem like the answer to get rid of hairstyling products, sprays and gels and people think oil is the best hair care remedy, but celebrity hairstylist Hiral Bhatia has reason to believe otherwise. She says, “Many people use oil on hair with product before shampooing, thinking that it’ll protect the hair. However, most hair products like hairspray and styling sprays are water-soluble, meaning they wash off with water. Using oil on hair with product will only make it sticky.” Instead, you can opt for a wide-toothed comb to slide through your hair more easily.

DIY your way to longer hair:

We’ve all coveted long, lustrous strands at one point or the other, and if you’re looking to walk out of the lockdown with a waist-grazing mane, the answer could be hiding in your pantry. Bhatia recommends opting for some easy DIY recipes for hair care and to boost hair growth. “Onion juice mixed with a couple of drops of coconut oil or castor oil is amazing for hair growth. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes at the maximum and rinse.

You can also ferment rice water and rinse your hair with it post shampoo. Leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse with water. Fermented rice water not only makes the hair soft and shiny, it also promotes hair growth,” she says.

If you are worried about the alarming hair fall you have been experiencing lately, or in general how your hair has lost the bounce and luster of before, then don’t be. And want to some hair care tips. Instead of fretting over hair woes, or relying on over-the-counter products, why don’t you take a look into your kitchen, and see if you can whip up some natural remedies? Finding a natural solution to your hair woes at home is not only a cost-effective way to tackle them, but also a healthier route.

Here are five homemade hair masks that you can rely on to nourish your hair and make it healthy again. Apply it as hair care treatment Whether you have dry hair or damaged strands, or if you are looking for a volume booster, we have one for each of you.

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Dry Hair: Olive Oil Hair Mask

For those complaining about dry hair, nothing can be more nourishing than olive oil. Combine two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil, and mix well to form a hair mask that is perfect for dry hair. You need to keep this mask on for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off. Filled with essential fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants, eggs will make your hair softer and healthier. While olive oil will strengthen and soften your dry hair. Alternatively, you could also apply a mask of honey and olive oil for extra moisturization.

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Oily Hair: Oatmeal Hair Mask

This pack helps to remove excess oil from hair, and nourishes oily hair. Apart from this, oatmeal hair mask is also an excellent solution for treating scalp problems, such as inflammation and dandruff. Not only does it ensure a clean scalp, but also soft and silky hair with improved growth as well.

With a paste made with equal quantities of almond oil, oatmeal and fresh milk, this hair mask is easy to prepare. Apply the paste on to untangled dry hair, and leave on for twenty minutes. Rinse with mild shampoo to reveal soft and silky hair. Use this mask once a week to see visible results.

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